What is Orgone?

An Orgone device is a piece of technology specifically made to transmute negative energies (DOR) into aligned and beneficial energies (POR).  Wilhelm Reich discovered that inorganic substances like metals, have a natural tendency to repel positive orgone, while organic substances attract positive orgone.  By closely sandwiching layers of Organic and Inorganic materials, Reich discovered that both DOR and POR would be attracted to a device, but as the energy traveled through the alternating layers, energy was "scrubbed clean".  While his original devices were both primitive and large, they worked well enough to inspire future scientists to take the concepts further.  Karl Welz is who patented and made famous ORGONITE devices.  He took various organic based resins and powdered metals to create small orgone devices that maximized the amount of layers present, thus attracting and creating significantly more POR.  Another Major improvement to the technology came from Carol Croft, an energetically sensitive person who added quartz crystals to resin based orgone devices, which further increased their power and the overall energetic alignment of the Positive Orgone.  
This Butter Be Good (TBBG) creates orgone devices that combine Reich, Welz, and Croft's work to create powerful and stunning orgone art and jewelry.  Every piece TBBG makes is made with the proper 1:1 powedered metal to resin ratio and includes at least one terminated quartz crystal. 


How do we know TBBG  Orgone "works"?

Orgone Showcase.jpg

In short, we know they work because of testing and experiments. Below are a few examples of how the presence of orgone devices dramatically changes the alignment of water molecules and can improve the local weather.  Soon to come will be personal experiments showing how POR can have a profound effect on growing plants!

Method of Testing One: Freezing water

When freezing water, the energetic alignment (or chaos) is made evident by the shape, clarity, and structure of the ice.  Numerous tests have shown reliably that orgone devices will clean and align water on a molecular level.  When comparing the water with and without orgone, remember that the human body is over 60% water! Which kind of alignment would you rather have?


control water froze.jpg


- Jagged


- Cloudy

orgone pyramid froze.jpg


- Round/Orb

- "Smooth"

- Clear

Control Freeze - No Orgone Device
Orgone Pyramid Below as Froze
before pendant.jpg
Control Freeze - No Orgone Device
Pendant After.jpg
Orgone Pendant in Water as Froze
Gallon Before text.jpg
Control Freeze - No Orgone Device
Gallon After text.jpg
Orgone Pyramid in Gallon as Froze

Orgone is what Austrian scientist Wilhelm Reich named the "life-force" energy that other cultures would call the Chi, Prana, and many other names.  Reich discovered that all living things produce this life-force energy that he called Positive Orgone, or POR for short.  In current times, science would recognize the benefits of POR as Negative Ions,  a specific type of charged ion that has numerous benefits including boosting the mood and improving health, cleaning the air and speeding up healing and growth of living organisms.  

In contrast to POR is DOR, which stands for Deadly Orgone.  This is the frayed and chaotic type of energy that is produced by modern electronics: cell phones and their towers, wi-fi routers, power lines...virtually all modern technology creates disharmonious frequencies to living organisms.  Deadly orgone is so detrimental that the World Health Organization recognizes that EMF frequencies can impact our health including developing cancers, damaging reproductive abilities, immune system disorders, and more. (https://www.who.int/peh-emf/publications/elf_ehc/en/)


Method of Testing Two: Weather Balancing.  A "cloudbuster" is a large orgone device designed to mitigate harmful weather and promote healthy and balanced weather.  Properly built orgone cloudbusters will create enough negative ions/POR to break down artificially seeded clouds and push or breakdown harmful weather cells.  Below are a few pieces of evidence collected showing this effect.

Exeriment 2: Weather balancing.  In 2015 where TBBG is located in SC was hit with a "1,000 year flood" and it was chaos.  It was around this time that we were learning about orgone technologies and specifically decided to try to build a "cloudbuster" which is designed to mitigate the effects of intense weather.  Since building these devices, we frequently notice that our area of town has "nicer" weather, more robust flora, and less intense storms.  While witnessing these devices improve weather in real time is the most impressive, below are a few examples of how our orgone grid keeps TBBG in good weather!
BEFORE placing all orgone devices
28 Minutes after Orgone devices properly set up