Steam Punk Elephant Disc


Steam punk elephant accented by selenite, Pyrite, & Gold Flake over activated charcoal background. Aluminum nano dust base.

The gentle & wise elephant exemplifies focused power and strength.  Elephants are always led by females in close-knit family units, so use the elephant to connect with the feminine divine & to strengthen family ties.  In feng shui elephants are said to encourage curiosity & study, kindness & endurance.   Trunk Up for Good Luck!  

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  • Dimensions

    All measurements are approximate.  

    1.5" diameter, 0.8 oz

  • Suggested Placement

    Orgone Discs can be used in a variety of settings.  Here are a few ways we use ours:

    -Place under a car seat, pillow. or mattress

    -Clear crystals & energy tools

    -Charge seeds for planting

    -Slips into a pocket, purse, or backpack for on-the-go Orgone

    -Place near produce, plants, & pets (in a refrigerator drawer, on the kitchen counter, next to plants needing a boost)

  • Learn More

    Learn more about Orgone Energy and see examples of This Butter Be Good's devices at work:  What is Orgone?

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