Flower of Life Fine Silver Orb

Flower of Life Fine Silver Orb

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Hand ground pure silver makes the flower of life sacred geometry centerpiece.  Gold flake & activated charcoal offer contrast to the silver.  Hand ground aluminum makes for a heavy base with buried clear quartz for energetic stability.  Perfect size for holding in the palm of your hand or carrying in a pocket.  Makes a beautiful display piece & excellent meditation tool.  

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  • Dimensions

    All measurements are approximate.

    Diameter 1.5", Circumference 5"

    Weight 2.4 oz

  • Suggested Placement

    Orgone Orbs are intended for use in meditation, but may be used similarly to pyramids. 

    -Display on a desk, mantel, or shelf.

    -Travels easily in a pocket, purse, or backpack

    -Fits in the palm of your hand

    -Sit near a plant in need of a boost 

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