Amethyst Orb

Amethyst Orb


Amethyst in Greek translates to "not drunken" making amethyst the stone of "sober-headedness", clear-minded, & directed.  This purple quartz stone aids in clarity of thought & purification of the mind.  Helps the handler regain their own power and take back the driver's seat from impulses, addictions, poor habits, & lack of self-discpline.  Amethyst uses its violet energy to cleanse impure & excessive emotions while easing the user out of mental clutter & disorder, ushering in a state of clear thinking and peace of mind. 

  • Dimensions

    All measurements are approximate.

    Diameter 1.5", Circumference 5"

    Weight 1.9 oz

  • Suggested Placement

    Orgone Orbs are intended for use in meditation, but may be used similarly to pyramids. 

    -Display on a desk, mantel, or shelf.

    -Travels easily in a pocket, purse, or backpack

    -Fits in the palm of your hand

    -Sit near a plant in need of a boost 

  • Learn More

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