Red Jasper, Carnelian & Pyrite Orgone Pendant

Red Jasper, Carnelian & Pyrite Orgone Pendant


Red Jasper, Carnelian and Pyrite for a powerful combination of stones! Endurance, protection and motivation.  Nano Aluminum.

Red Jasper is especially good for beings feeling scattered as it helps center energy and restore balance.  Red Jasper is nicknamed "the Stabilizer" as it seems to give its user a big hug of reassurance, strength, & stamina.  Soothes the anxious mind to encourage enthusiasm and motivation.  

Carnelian is an excellent grounding stone & good for stimulating physical energy.  Carnelian is a motivator helping its user get creative juices flowing & the excitement to embrace living fully.  Carnelian pushes you to trust yourself but in a charming, joyful, loving manner.  

Pyrite (iron), or fool's gold is known for giving self-confidence as this warrior stone arms its carrier with prosperity and great aspirations, especially in areas of work or creation.  Great for harnessing creativity that will cultivate abundance, pyrite pairs well in office spaces and areas of production.  Pyrite harnesses a masculine energy and is excellent when battling feelings or thoughts of misfortune, frustration, and dispair.  

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