Pyrite & Obsidian on Charcoal Orgone Pendant

Pyrite & Obsidian on Charcoal Orgone Pendant

Pyrite with Obsidian, gold flake, activated charcoal, nano brass, clear Quartz, on black leather cord with clasp.  

Protection, growth & focus. 

Obsidian is a protective grounding stone excellent for the Root Chakra. Powerful at protecting against negativity and aids in cleaning up emotional wreckage from past hurt. This black glass-like rock forms from the quick cooling of volcanic lava and is used in Feng-Shui for balancing the environment.
Pyrite (iron), or fool's gold is known for giving self-confidence as this warrior stone arms its carrier with prosperity and great aspirations, especially in areas of work or creation.  Great for harnessing creativity that will cultivate abundance, pyrite pairs well in office spaces and areas of production.  Pyrite harnesses a masculine energy and is excellent when battling feelings or thoughts of misfortune, frustration, and despair.
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