Orgone Boxed Set-Selenite Pendant

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Large Selenite with selenite accents, gold flake & Pyrite Chips. Activated charcoal drizzled over aluminum nano dust base.Selenite (mineral gypsum) is used for removing energy blockages. Excellent for purifying & protection the environment, selenite quickly absorbs & unblocks stagnant energy. An essential healing stone for clearing negative energy from the physical space, body, & mind. Facilitates clear & direct inner connections with spirit.Comes on black leather cord with clasp. 

Each mini has a small clear quartz terminated crystal as the center stone, gold flake, charcoal background with nano aluminum metal for maximum layers.  Perfect for house plants or new seeds and sprouts, car dash, desk, or anywhere that needs a tiny energy boost!Clear Quartz is truly the Master Healing Stone-found on every continent, used in every electronic, & harnessing the energy of The Mother (Earth), clear quartz is a stone for all zodiac signs, for the crown chakra, & known as the most versatile healing stone of all the crystals. Amplifying & strengthening the stones & positive energies that are already in place while neutralizing & balancing energies out of alignment. Strengthens & heals energic embalances gently & with a quiet grace.

Tree of Life mini disc for in your pocket or to boost a plant. 

Comes in “Santa with Reindeer & Penguin” ready to gift Box with filler.  
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