Lavender Lullaby Roller

Lavender Lullaby Roller

Roller Balls are convenient for on the go and have tons of handy uses!  Simply apply to your temples, wrists, pulse points, or bottoms of your feet. Especially good for calming, rest, and bedtime. Use before bedtime on the whole family! Apply to small cuts, scrapes, irritated skin, sensitive spots, & mild burns for the soothing effects of lavender. Love Lavender? Try our Lavender Lullaby Calming Mist
This Butter Be Good's products have only been tested on happy willing humans. We encourage you to read labels & raise your awareness.
  • Ingredients

    Lavender Lullaby: 

    Prunus amygdalus var dulcis (almond oil), lavandula angustifolia (lavender essential oil)


    Lavender Mint:
    Prunus amygdalus var dulcis (almond oil), lavandula angustifolia (lavender essential oil), months piperita (peppermint essential oil)

  • Butter Believer Testimonial

    “I suffered night terrors every single night that kept my poor hubby awake and left me feeling drained before the day even started. WELL all of that has changed 100%! I have been using some of the Rollerballs (Lavender Lullaby) to apply oils to the bottoms of my feet at night before bed. Every single night I remember to do the oils I don’t have a SINGLE night terror! I also wake up about an hour earlier than I used to!”
    -Renee (Columbia, SC)


    “I used the lavender Mint oil Rollerball yesterday night and I slept super good!”-Anonymous (Columbia, SC)

    “I just wanted to say thanks for the oils you mixed up that helps me sleep. It (Lavender Lullaby) works so much better than any over the counter sleep aid I’ve ever tried. Plus I use it on my kids. It works wonders!”
    -Shameka (Columbia, SC)

    “I love the products! I bought the Lavender Lullaby to help me sleep at night. It works! I have never felt so rested. So glad I found this product.”
    -Heather (Blythewood, SC)

    "I use the “lavender mint roller ball” under the soles of my feet to relax before going to sleep, on my temples or forehead when stressed out or have a headache, and close to my nose to treat my sinusitis."-Rose (Lexington, SC)

  • Care Instructions

    Return the cap to the roller between uses and seal completely.  Keep your roller out of direct sunlight.  We recommend using your roller within six months of the first use.