Clear Quartz & Obsidian Orgone Energy Pyramid


This large Orgone pyramid has a focus of healing and self development.  Clear quartz is a master healing stone and this is paired with selenite throughout the piece for healing and energy cleansing.  Obsidian, the "mirror" stone, reflects our inner selves to us and is useful for self development.

Charcoal provides a rich black color and has cleansing properties.  Nano aluminum for maximum metal layers.
Clear Quartz is truly the Master Healing Stone-found on every continent, used in every electronic, & harnessing the energy of The Mother (Earth), clear quartz is a stone for all zodiac signs, for the crown chakra, & known as the most versatile healing stone of all the crystals. Amplifying & strengthening the stones & positive energies that are already in place while neutralizing & balancing energies out of alignment. Strengthens & heals energic embalances gently & with a quiet grace.


Obsidian is a protective grounding stone excellent for the Root Chakra.  Powerful at protecting against negativity and aids in cleaning up emotional wreckage from past hurt.  This black glass-like rock forms from the quick cooling of volcanic lava and is used in Feng-Shui for balancing the environment.   

  • Dimensions

    All measurements are approximate.

    Base 4.25"x4.25", Height 4.75"

    Weight 1.2 lbs


  • Suggested Placement

    Some areas where you might place a pyramid of this size:

    -Near the Wi-fi Router or Electronic Devices

    -In the central living space-on a mantel or coffee table

    -On a Bedside table or dresser 

    -Desk or Office Space

    -Kitchen counters to prolong Produce and rest water

    -Where you conduct your energy work (i.e. yoga studio, meditation corner, Reiki room, massage table, chiropractic, readings) 

  • Learn More

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