Clear Quartz & Copper Master Pyramid

Clear Quartz & Copper Master Pyramid

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Clear Quartz is truly the Master Healing Stone-found on every continent, used in every electronic, & harnessing the energy of The Mother (Earth), clear quartz is a stone for all zodiac signs, for the crown chakra, & known as the most versatile healing stone of all the crystals.  Amplifying & strengthening the stones & positive energies that are already in place while neutralizing & balancing energies out of alignment.  Strengthens & heals energic embalances gently & with a quiet grace.  

  • Dimensions

    All measurements are approximate. 

    Base 4.5"x4.5", Height 5"

    Weight 1.8 lb

  • Suggested Placement

    Some areas where you might place a pyramid of this size:

    -Near the Wi-fi Router or Electronic Devices

    -In the central living space-on a mantel or coffee table

    -On a Bedside table or dresser 

    -Desk or Office Space

    -Kitchen counters to prolong Produce and rest water

    -Where you conduct your energy work (i.e. yoga studio, meditation corner, Reiki room, massage table, chiropractic, readings) 

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