Tree of Life & Amethyst Orgone Pendant

Tree of Life & Amethyst Orgone Pendant

Tree of Life Center, Amethyst center stone, clear Quartz, pyrite chips, gold flake, nano brass back, on leather cord with clasp. 

Clearing negative attachments, brings peace & aids in emotional healing.  

The Tree of Life spans many cultures, histories, and lore.  Roots reaching deep into the soil with arms reaching to the heavens ackwoldging the balance of Mother Earth & Father Sky reflecting the interconnectedness of all that lives.  The Tree reminds us we are not an island, but deeply connected to our world and dependent on it for growth.  The tree reflects all four elements as one-a reflection of healing, rejuvenation, and sustenance.

Amethyst in Greek translates to "not drunken" making amethyst the stone of "sober-headedness", clear-minded, & directed.  This purple quartz stone aids in clarity of thought & purification of the mind.  Helps the handler regain their own power and take back the driver's seat from impulses, addictions, poor habits, & lack of self-discpline.  Amethyst uses its violet energy to cleanse impure & excessive emotions while easing the user out of mental clutter & disorder, ushering in a state of clear thinking and peace of mind

Pyrite (iron), or fool's gold is known for giving self-confidence as this warrior stone arms its carrier with prosperity and great aspirations, especially in areas of work or creation.  Great for harnessing creativity that will cultivate abundance, pyrite pairs well in office spaces and areas of production.  Pyrite harnesses a masculine energy and is excellent when battling feelings or thoughts of misfortune, frustration, and despair.
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