Amethyst-Love Boxed Gift Set

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Amethyst in Greek translates to "not drunken" making amethyst the stone of "sober-headedness", clear-minded, & directed.  This purple quartz stone aids in clarity of thought and purification of the mind.  Helps the handler regain their own power and take back the driver's seat from impulses, addictions, poor habits, and lack of self-discpline.  Amethyst uses its violet energy to cleanse impure and excessive emotions while easing the user out of mental clutter and disorder, ushering in a state of clear thinking and peace of mind. 
Selenite (mineral gypsum) is used for removing energy blockages.  Excellent for purifying and protection the environment, selenite quickly absorbs and unblocks stagnant energy.  An essential healing stone for clearing negative energy from the physical space, body, and mind.  Facilitates clear and direct inner connections with spirit

Orgone Pendant: Amethyst over Selenite floor with Silver Flake accents. Aluminum nano base.

Large Pyramid:
Striped Amethyst point suspended over a floor of obsidian, pyrite, and more amethyst.  Crushed selenite makes for a bright white layer, nano aluminum a soft grey, and activated charcoal a black grounding base.
Small Pyramid: 
Clear Quartz terminated center stone with pyrite and amethyst accents on a floor of crushed selenite.  Aluminum nano base for maximum layers.  Focus, healing, and protection. 
Comes in “All Things with Love” Magnetic Box with Filler ready to gift! 
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