Nature Does It Butter


In 2015 we examined many aspects of our lifestyle closely and realized we were ready for some big changes in our living.  Many products marketed as safe, effective, and beneficial to apply to the skin, even those claiming to be "natural", include fragrances, synthetics and chemicals.  There is a simpler answer to your skincare and wellness needs.  Our bodies don't require complex concoctions, lab made synthetics, or artificial fragrances.  The Butter news is earth provides Naturally Occurring materials like herbs, fruits, oils, extracts, minerals, salts, and more all in perfect ratios that align with our biological vessel and physical needs.  Raw, Unrefined, Non-GMO ingredients like Cocoa Butter, Shea Butter, Mango Butter, Lavender Oil, Grapeseed Oil, Almond Oil, Coconut Oil, & more have proven themselves over and over again to us to be superior in quality, value, and efficiency to anything available through a commercial retailer.  

All of our Skincare & Wellness products are made small-batch with great attention to the process of mixing, cooling, packing, and preserving.  We use all of the products we make as they were formulated to meet our needs directly.  We ARE Butter Believers!  We believe in our products.  We believe nature always provides a solution for a butter way of living.  If you are looking for a butter way of tending your physical vessel, please, give our products a try-experience why we believe.  We'd love to make a Butter Believer out of you!


Our art, jewelry, and Orgone are also produced small-batch, with each piece being multiple pours of resin with stones, minerals, talismans and metals being placed by hand.  Each piece is a one of a kind unique piece of art that will last a lifetime.   The energy art incorporates all natural elements and materials, capturing the frequency held by each in matrix of polyresin.  While these pieces are captivating to stare into, they have proven their power at influencing the energetic environment.  For more information on how these devices influence the environment, head on over to our "What Is Orgone?" page.  Exposure to Orgone energy has many potential benefits.  Our experience has afforded us more robust plants, better tasting water, and extends the life of our produce.  Others have reported decreased headaches,  reduced anxiety, and overall better moods.    

We are organic beings that agree with natural substances.  TBBG strives to bring a butter product at a butter value.   

Actually Natural Ingredients.  Honest People.  Butter Living.  

This Butter Be Good, LLC does not claim to prevent, treat, diagnose, or cure any illness or disease.  This Butter Be Good products have only been tested on happy willing humans whom we call friends and family.  Read ingredient labels.  Educate Yourself & listen to your body.