Frequently Asked Questions

Are you products carried in any stores?  

This Butter Be Good products are exclusively available from This Butter Be Good.  The most effective & efficient way to shop is by placing your order on the website.  Orders over $50 Ship for FREE!  Shopping directly with us allows for maximum quality control, you the most selection, & ultimately keeps the costs of goods down overall.  

How will my order deliver?

Orders generally ship via USPS with a tracking number provided via email.  Orders ship within 72 hrs of order placement.  Occasionally local orders are delivered by a TBBG representative, but those are rare occasions, only when schedules allow.  Delivery usually takes 5-7 business days.  

Exchanges & Credits

If you're unhappy with your skincare or wellness purchase for any reason within ten days of purchase, send us an email including your order number, the product you're unhappy with, and the best method of contact.  We will ask you to return the product for which you are unhappy and will exchange your product for another of equal value or credit you towards another product of your choosing. No refunds will be given.  No exchanges or credits will be given on art or jewelry purchases.  

Help!  My butter/balm separated/melted/is runny!

Don't fret!  Natural ingredients have a tendency to separate when exposed to typical environmental factors like temperature fluctuations (think like natural peanut butter-some separation is natural).  If your skincare product got too hot for any reason, simply place the container in a cold place, preferably the fridge or freezer for 15-30 min.  Things should firm up quickly and smoothly leaving you with a firm product once again.  

Are your products tested?

The only testing we've done has been on happy willing humans that we call friends, family, neighbors, and loved ones.  We do not claim to treat, prevent, cure, heal or diagnose any ailment.  We do honor and recognize the potency of plants and the synergies they offer our physical vessel.  If you experience any discomfort, irritation, or pain when using our products, please be wise-listen to your body-stop using anything that does not work as you intended.  We do not test on animals or unknowing individuals.  

Do you use Animal Products?

No, all of our ingredients are plant-based.  Beeswax is the only ingredient we use that requires the aid of an insect (bees) in its production.