Butter Believer Testimonials

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"Multiple years ago I had a car accident that led to a fractured wrist.  I had to have a plate surgically inserted to keep the bone together.  Since the surgery, I have had wrist pain.  I am one of those persons who can now say I can tell when the weather is changing due to worsening wrist pain.  I bought the Orgone bracelet in order to attempt to help my wrist pain.  I wear it daily and can't even describe how much it helps.  I didn't have the hourly and daily pain I used to have.  I can use my wrist more now since I don't have the pain.  And on the plus side, the bracelet is beautiful.  Thank you!"  

-Kimberly R.  Columbia, SC


"I just met the owners last night at a market and they are SO kind!  Their passion for what they do is incredibly obvious as is their knowledge of the product.  Donna is so sweet with a contagious smile-I felt like I made a new friend!  And Garett was incredibly helpful in informing me on what all are in his pieces and what they do as well as providing other resources for me to learn more...I already trust these guys and am excited to buy from them more!  This Butter Be Good is SO GOOD!!!"

-Allie     Blythewood, SC

"Excellent customer service and care and backing of the products.  She takes pride in ensuring that the customer has the best experience that she can provide."

-Vicki    Hendersonville, NC


"I am pleased with the products I have tried so far.  I found This Butter Be Good at the Farmers Market in Lexington.  The scents are pleasing and the owners are very helpful."
-June    Lexington, SC


"Matches my outfit perfectly today."  

                        -Lauren  (Blythewood, SC)


What BUTTER gift?


Thank you.  I (LOVE) <3 <3 <3 it.  I have been meaning to tell you my favorite butter product is the lip balm.  It moisturizes and makes them feel good.  I wear it more than my lipstick.  My daughter said my lips are so smooth and soft.  That is the product I have used the most."

-Jennifer   Evans, GA


"I wanted to show you the progression of my sunburned face healing using only the Creamy Classic Cocoa Butter!  Here's the progression.  No peeling!"         -Heather (Irmo, SC)


"As I left wearing my two necklaces I felt my chest open up.  It was like taking a pair of pants that are a little snug off and being able to breath easier.  I definitely felt a relaxation come over me....it's actually more of a sleepiness but not the kind you feel like you are struggling and miserable.  It's a mix between relaxed and sleepy.  I slept so good last night!" - Halsey  Gilbert, SC  

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