Actually Natural Ingredients.  Honest People.  Butter Living.

This Butter Be Good offers  handmade gifts for the body & soul. 


All of our skincare and wellness products are chemical-free, preservative-free, and filler-free.  We only use Earth-based ingredients that wrap you in nature's best!  TBBG believes in HONESTY, which is why every ingredient we use in our skincare and wellness products is listed on the label.  Many of our products are offered in optional blends for our friends with sensitivities or allergies.  


This Butter Be Good makes luxury natural products affordable!    Our body butters, balms, rollerballs, bug repellent, sugar scrubs, bath products, inhalers, and sprays are the most effective, affordable and natural products on the market! (Testimonials)

Our Energy Art and Jewelry use orgone energy principles for one-of-a-kind pieces that also produce Orgone Energy.  Each piece is hand made and unique! (What is Orgone?)

This Butter Be Good is more than our name, it's our guarantee.  If you're not happy with your Butter Buy, simply return your product (skincare) within two weeks and we'll credit you the full amount of your original purchase towards another product of your choice!   It's our Better, ahem, Butter guarantee!  (Does not apply to Energy Art and Jewelry)